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What is a Gun-Cleaning Solvent?

Posted by Robert Slawinski on

We here at Blitz Firearm Care understand the importance of firearm maintenance and cleaning, and if you are a gun owner you will know how involved these things can be. 

There is a variety of products to consider, but this blog will focus on one in particular that may not be at the top of a gun owner’s mind, but very well should: Gun-cleaning solvent. 

A Cleaning Solution

A gun-cleaning solvent, such as our own Blitz’ gun oil, is a must for gun care and should be used by a prudent gun owner. 

A gun oil acts as a lubricant, helping the metal parts of the gun move more smoothly, preventing future jams or breakdowns. 

It also functions as, you guessed it, a cleaner. Guns get dirty, and these solvents are chemical solutions that help scrub away the grime, which not only makes your gun look better, but function better. 

A Necessity for Gun Owners

Gun cleaners are used to loosen up any dirtying particles or corroding elements that have latched onto a gun. 

This can include copper fouling, which can make a bullet’s exit through the barrel much more difficult, having an impact on shooting accuracy. 

That sooty stuff has a fancier name, “carbon buildup,” which can affect everything from the outside of the gun to the action, chamber, barrell—you name it, and there is a chance it can be dirtied up, and by other fouling elements as well. 

Using gun cleaners is a necessity because a gun does not just stay clean if you keep it in clean places. Rather, it naturally dirties up with use, as a result of the gunpowder and bullets or wad. The same goes with weather conditions and just the human touch, as moisture from the air and the sweat of your hand can impact the performance of the gun. 

Using a Gun-Cleaning Solvent

Like most cleaning products, the cleaning solvent helps loosen up the dirtying elements on a surface so that they become easier to scrub or wipe away.

A gun cleaner is properly used by soaking the separate parts of your disassembled gun into the solvent, which functions like a sort of soap that makes the washing clean much easier. 

As mentioned, the longevity and quality of the gun will be maintained while also restoring it to its original shining appearance. 

Generally, you should spring for the solvent when the gun’s performance seems below average. 

Also, if the gun’s bolt is a little tougher to pull, or just feels a little sticky, than it may be time to disassemble and soak. 

The same goes for the slide, which may feel a little tough to the touch. 

If there is something to learn here, it is that the fouling of a gun is not just dependent on how the gun looks, but how it feels as well. Either way, if you see or feel something is “off,” then it may be time to bring out the solvent. 

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