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Blitz Firearm Care Products are Proudly Made in the USA and are Non Toxic!

About Blitz Manufacturing

Blitz Manufacturing Company is The Leading US Manufacturer of Non Toxic & Environmentally Friendly Firearm and Fine Metal Care Products.

Firearm and Fine Metal Care Products Since 1912

Blitz® is the leading producer of fine quality Private Label, OEM and branded firearm cleaning products. The original “Blitz Cloth” was a staple of the U.S. military for decades and is proudly displayed in the Smithsonian Institute! Since 1912, Blitz® has been known as the quick and easy way to clean to perfection.

Over the last 100 years, we have expanded our product line to encompass almost every metal cleaning and polishing application. Today our non toxic, environmentally safe cleaners, cloths and other products make it easier than ever to take care of your firearms and other fine metals, while traveling or at home. Blitz offers our cleaners and polishing cloths for both wholesale and retail customers! All of our cloths are made in the USA and treated with non-toxic cleaning and polishing agents.

We service major chains, independent jewelers and millions of consumers with great customer service.

Our ongoing commitment is to continually meet the quality expectations and changing needs of your lifestyle. Blitz is a family owned and operated business on the cutting edge of the firearm, jewelry, home care and music cleaning industry.

Commercial Clients

As a past, present, or future member of the Blitz family, you may enjoy some of the rewards from Blitz by offering our products to your customers or enjoying them for yourself. Blitz offers a full line of customizable cleaning products. Call and find out how we can put your logo on many of our cleaners, cloth and other care products.

Blitz offers the best cleaners & accessories, with the ability to private label products for our customers. As a member of the Blitz family, you will not be disappointed. Blitz is among a select few who offer international customer support, as well as a dedicated staff to help you select and merchandise our products. Blitz is dedicated to excellence in both the U.S.A. and around the world.